Dyno Calibration


  • steady state dyno
  • fuel, ignition, transmission tuning
  • wide band air/fuel sensors

Our Chassis Dyno is capable of over 3000 HP and can sustain 1200 HP. Our dyno is a steady state dyno not just an inertia dyno, meaning we can load the vehicle to simulate actual driving conditions. Steady state dyno’s are required for proper calibration.

Loaded Mode Tests

  • Up to 950 rear wheel HP sustained to simulate various roads, aerodynamics, and inertia’s of the vehicle at different loads and speeds for tuning and diagnostics.
  • Simulation tests
  • Ignition system tests
  • Air fuel ratio tests for perfecting fuel injected and carbureted vehicles
  • Maximum power and torque ignition timing tests
  • Lug down test (Step by step selectable loads on the vehicle at top speed)
  • Race track lap simulation
  • Endurance tests
  • Constant loading and constant speed tests

Acceleration Tests

  • Selectable full throttle high gear roll on – select your starting and ending RPM
  • Quarter mile run – get real 60ft, 330ft, 1/8th mile, 1000ft, and 1/4 mile E.T. and MPH
  • Selectable passing acceleration tests – select starting and ending speeds ex: 50 to 80 MPH
  • Selectable standing start acceleration tests – ex: 0 to 60 MPH
  • Selectable running start 200 yard roll on tests – accelerate through a selectable 200 yard window
  • Speedometer check
  • Catalytic converter back pressure test

Data Acquisition Options

  • RPM pickup, inductive or optical (comes with dyno time)
  • Air fuel ratio meter (wide band lambda meter precision accuracy)
  • Ignition scope
  • Lab scope
  • Timing light
  • Transmission shift events monitor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Manifold absolute pressure transducer (intake vacuum and boost)
  • Fuel pressure transducer
  • Weather station
  • Detonation sensor (knock / ping)


$125.00 minimum includes recording torque, horsepower, RPM and speed.  Add $10.00 for wide band air/fuel ratio data acquisition. 2 or 3 runs, no tuning allowed –this establishes base line.

* Additional Dyno time with you tuning, includes Dyno operator, is $100.00 / hour billed in .5 hour increments.

* Dyno time and tuning with us doing the tuning or diagnosing a problem is $130.00 / hour. We also have “DYNO DAYS” or group discounts